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Alphonso Newspaper Interview

Interview : 60 Seconds with Alphonso in The Voice Newspaper out now so go buy your copy or view it here first by clicking the link. im-deal-or-no-deal-winner


Alphonso Stewart “Taster” Video for new single “Let’s Dance”

Alphonso Deal Or No Deal Game

Alphonso Deal Or No Deal Game Report


Alphonso has box 15.  Alphonso, singer songwriter from London explains how he got into singing and performing crediting his uncle Clive Brown for inspiring him.  Noel says,  that he is very modest and asks Alphonso to name some of the acts he has worked with.  We get to see some of Alphonso’s photos.

Round 1 Alphonso:

hasn’t got a system, but he will be keeping one box until the end.

9 – £1,000 Newbie Wayne

1 – £35,000 Berni

Gurpal next and he thanks Alphonso for carrying his suitcase to the hotel for him. The Banker calls and pulls Gurpal up on his grammar and says that if he doesn’t reveal one of the Banker’s power 5 amounts he will be going into dunce’s corner!!

22 – £10,000 Gurpal Gurpal has to sit in dunce’s corner facing the wall with a hat on!

16 – £500 James

8 – £10 Fred Banker time Gurpal finds a book in the corner about Noel Edmonds and starts reading it.

Banker’s offer: £10,000

Alphonso says, ‘NO DEAL’

 Noel has given Gurpal a mirror now so he can see what is happening.  Noel asks Alphonso to hurry up as his tights are falling down.

 Round 2

13 – £15,000 Barnaby

14 – £3,000 Paul

5 – £50,000 Jade

 Banker time The Banker says that was big all-red round for Alphonso, and he has taken out the center of the board at the moment.

Banker’s offer: £10,000

That is amazing says Alphonso, and Andrew says he didn’t expect that at all. Alphonso says this is what makes the show the best gameshow in the world.  Alphonso says,  ‘NO DEAL ‘

Round 3

3 – £5,000 Rosie

You are starting to run out of reds now says’Noel.

12 – £50 Keith

18 – £100 Rich

Banker time This is an interesting board says Noel. The Banker says it is a very unusual board.

 Banker’s offer: £12,500

Debbie tells Alphonso to remember that is real money.  Andrew tells him he really needs to start chipping away at the Banker’s power 5 now. Alphonso says, ‘NO DEAL’

Alphonso would like to win enough to treat his daughters and also produce an album.

Round 4

4 – £5 Andrew

21 – 10p Chris

Yes, yes, yes says Noel, this is the turn around round.

 20 – £250 Kirsty

Banker time The Banker says that was a fantastic round for Alphonso, and he has now evened things up.

Banker’s offer: £20,000 Noel says that one thing Alphonso has to consider here is that if he plays on he will get to have a go at the catapult twist at the end of the next round. Alphonso gets lots of advice from the wings. Alphonso says he has taken a risk before and he is ready for the question. Alphonso says, ‘NO DEAL’

Noel says that every blue in this round is worth £1,000s to Alphonso

Round 5

2 – 50p Debbie

Noel tells Alphonso to keep breathing

11 – £20,000 Loz

Can we get a 5-box with the top 3 in place asks Noel.

17 – 1p Danielle

Alphonso and Daniell race over to the bike shed for their 1p kiss.

Catapult time Alphonso says his heart is racing and he can’t believe it. Noel says Alphonso is a lucky man and he is not talking about the round. Noel reminds Alphonso that the last time someone had the chance to play one-box at a time with a board like this they won the £250,000

Catapult twist: The player has to catapult a ball of paper across the studio into a bin. The player gets 1 practice shot, then they decide whether to have 4 shots or 2 shots. If they choose 4 shots and get 1 of them in, they win a holiday. If they miss, then they carry on as normal. If they choose 2 shots and get 1 of them in, they win a holiday and get an offer after every box. But if both shots miss, the banker looks in the player’s box. Alphonso takes a practice shot but misses. Alphonso chooses to have 2 shots. Alphonso misses the 1st shot. Alphonso misses the 2nd shot. The Banker now gets to look inside Alphonso’s box.

 Banker time Alphonso’s box is taken away and the Banker has a look at the contents of the box. The Box is returned with the Banker’s seal on it. Noel says that this can work either way, as the Banker could have just had the shock of his life and seen £250,000 inside. The Banker says he is a bad man, but he is not a liar, and there is a red in Alphonso’s box, and he would like to do a deal now.

Banker’s offer: £60,000 Oh my gosh exclaims Alphonso.  Andrew asks if he was telling the truth and there is a red in the box why wasn’t the offer £75,000.  Barnaby says that Alphonso could produce his album with that money and so much more. Keith tells Alphonso to ignore the board and if the £60,000 will do all he wants then take it.  Alphonso says, ‘DEAL’

 Round 6 – Proveout round Noel wonders what the Banker just saw.

19 – £1 Sharleen

10 – £75,000 Candi

Oh no says Alphonso. Noel asks if the Banker saw a six figure sum, but then had the courage to get Alphonso for £60,000 6 – £100,000 Becky Banker time with £750 and £250,000 remaining He said he saw a red says Noel. The Banker says that clearly if he was telling the truth then Alphonso has the £250,000 Banker’s offer would’ve been: £115,000 Noel opens Alphonso’s box 15 and reveals £250,000 Noel tells Alphonso he should have been the first male quarter millionaire, but he does go home with £60,000

Box 7 with Charlotte contains the £750

Alphonso says he will now be able to create his album, and also take his family on holiday.



If you want to know what the Deal Or No Deal winner is up to follow him today, its not to late!

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