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Alphonso Stewart! Take note of his name. Knocking down industry katz doors, banging hard to be heard what must it take to reach the target, fulfill a dream to become the next star and RnB son? Chasing a dream, how far will he go? All the way till the dream is a reality and a fulfilled goal.

Alphonso Stewart singer songwriter and RnB laureate has a new track due for release called, ‘Don’t Break My Heart’.

This track is a break up song, pleading with the person you love not to give up on the relationship.  Alphonso said, ‘I’m going through a mix of emotions in this track, I was going through the mills the break up was happening, was real, it wasn’t the aftermath like Adele, ‘Someone like You’, [brilliant song  – that women has talent], it talks about the present – Don’t Break My Heart!

When asked about the inspiration for this track Alphonso explained, I wanted to make a break up song my last two songs were different ‘Let Dance’ was a fun dance track, ‘You Know’ spoke about love and making love, ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ is the break up – the demise of the relationship. Everyone has loved and lost, I’m hoping everyone will relate and love this track.

Alphonso Stewart is promised to be #outstandilcious in 2013.

Alphonso ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ to get this track before the release date email:

Other songs by Alphonso Stewart include, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘You Know’



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